body, emotions, perception, presence


Coral Carte

Presence-based processes, Transformational body-based Perception and Learning.

Accessing the subconscious, leads to evolutionary processes and personal transformation. 

Presence permits the subconscious to express itself through the body thus deepening self-knowledge, connection with the cosmos and a growing awareness of the sacredness of life. The body is both a source of pleasure and a potential for creative expression and manifestation. Through the body we can connect with the infinite and with the deepest self. The state of gnosis or transcendence is accessible through the body, taking us to a state of supreme happiness and knowledge of all including our truest divine nature.

Accessing our own divinity gives us the courage to affront the abyss, increases the depth of our perception, and enables us to encounter the richest energy fields of love, eroticism, and forms of personal expression. Integrating affectivity with movement promotes harmony between feeling and acting, reactivating instinctive forces that preserve life and allow its evolution. improving the quality of our lives. 

© Coral Carte 2022, Milan, Italy 
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